Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System

Implantable cardiac monitor (loop recorder) is the most recognized long-term diagnostic tool for abnormal heart rhythm, which can record the heartbeat continuously for three years with up to 88% diagnostic accuracy. The traditional loop recorder occupys a volume of 9 to 10cc, which is relatively bulky, leading to the limited clinical application.

When implanting the traditional device, the doctor will make a 2 cm parasternal wound in the cath lab or operating room and the procedure takes about 30-60 minutes.

The latest loop recorder (Reveal LINQ) is only 1.2cc, being 87% smaller than conventional one, and its width is only 7mm. In addition, the implantation procedure is very simple and it can be done in clinic setting. The doctor just inject the device into a small space below the skin and the procedure takes only about 1-3 minutes. The wound is very small (only 8mm), and the patient can be discharged immediately without the need of hospitalization. Moreover, the device is extremely small, so that it is not easy to detect externally, with minimal adverse impact on patient’s physical appearance.

Who are suitable for Reveal LINQ insertable cardiac monitoring system

1. unexplained stroke

2. paroxysmal arrhythmias or palpitations

3. episodic unexplained syncope

4. inherited arrhythmia

Preoperative instructions

1. You may stop the blood-thinning medications and need antibiotics and intravenous fluids

2. Fasting for 4 hours before the operation