Stroke Assessment:
Brain + MRA Brain & Neck
+ MRA Brain & Neck

Stroke is a leading cause for mortality and disability and the narrowings of brain vessels remain the commonest aetiology. The incidence of stroke will be dramatically increased in patients older than 30 years. Stroke lesions can be identified, and the degree of vessel narrowings could be assessed by Magnetic Resonance imaging. This stroke assessment package detects the brain lesions and the arterial narrowings so the doctors can deal with the problem as soon as possible to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke.


1. Please wear casual clothes and avoid wearing clothes with metals (such as metal zippers and buttons);

2. Please avoid make-up. You should inform the nurse If you have tattoos, eyebrow tattoo or contact lenses;

3. It may be not suitable for those patients with implanted metal instruments, such as cardiac pacemakers, prosthetic valves, metal artificial limbs, metallic clips, nerve stimulators, metal stents, intrauterine contraceptive devices and so on.